My Pinoy Store‘s Story - How we started and got this far

At first, we just wanted to have authentic filipino products to be stocked at home, we were always searching  for affordable ones, so whenever we visit filipino store in Germany or in Vienna we always buy products in big volumes. All of a sudden the idea of having an online shop came to mind. We started to inquire and chat all our friends and acquaintances to see  if there  are possibilities to start the business. The encouragement and high demand for filipino products and the next thing we know, we are already running our very own online shop. We wanted everyone to have a very convenient way of online shopping at the most affordable prices ever. We also guarantee over the top service to our customers. We  also reach out to all the Filipinos around europe, for them to feel closer to home, because we know that having PINOY products and delicacies  in your kitchen, make you feel like home.

OFWs(ovearseas Filipino workers) here are mostly working in electronic companies, massage salon, teachers, house cleaners, nannies, call center agents , engineers, and so on.  Others are married to foreign nationals. Whether  you work or you are housewife - one is thing for sure, time is limited. There is only one or two days off in a week and for mommies there is no day off at all.  With the idea of delivering the pinoy products to your door steps , you can  save time and effort of looking for your favorite ingredients in regular grocery stores. My pinoy store online shop is just a click away with a wide range of products which are so affordable. We send goods to anyone around europe and with a certain amount we give free delivery service. We visit places to personally deliver frozen and fresh goods.

We are very thankful for our good customers who trust us and continue giving us their support through endless orders.